Berkeley Arts August 4th –

Uncle Braxton + Phillip Greenlief Conducts Braxton’s Composition 255
8 pm
Uncle Braxton
Myles Boisen – guitar
John Shiurba – guitar

Boisen and Shiurba have been playing together as Uncle for nearly 20 years, exploring the sonic possibilities of the guitar that most players choose to ignore. For this concert they will incorporate the music of Anthony Braxton in the mix.

9 pm
Phillip Greenlief Conducts Anthony Braxton’s Composition 255

Phillip Greenlief – conductor, alto saxophone
Joel Bremson – doublebass
Keith Cary – cello
Luis Albert Clifford Childers – trombone, euphonium, chromatic harmonica
Dax Compise – percussion
Tara Flandreau – violin
Michael Frost – viola
Joe Lasqo – piano
Christina Maradik-Symkowick – viola
Tim Onorato – electric bass
Tony Passarell – tenor saxophone
Amy Reed – electric guitar
special guest: Suzanne Thorpe, flute, processing, laptop

Phillip Greenlief will conduct Anthony Braxton’s Composition 255 (Ghost Trance Music) with (mostly) Sacramento musicians – after their stunning performance at this year’s 6th Annual In The Flow Festival in Sacramento. The composition will open up into a collage-style arrangement, featuring inserts of compositions by Pauline Oliveros, Phillip Greenlief, and Erik Satie.


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