Sunday, June 8th – “New Songs” Amy Reed and Ross Hammond – Unitarian Universalist Sacramento. CA 15$

Wed. June 11th Amy Reed solo and Impulsive Mechanisms G.L. ARTS Image

“Lund comes at improvisation form a rock angle, and Thollem comes at rock from an improvisational angle, and they collide in a volatile and elusive zone, where you can hear the thought process, the disposition, the musical history of the players as they push and pull each other into mutually simpatico musical spaces, on the fly, in a noisy, highly kinetic environment.”
Excerpts from the liner notes by Sam Coomes (Quasi and many more…)

July 12th, 13th Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY

Performance and Video by Amy Reed First Festival; Festival of Premiere Performances presenting new works and compositions centered around the practice of Deep Listening. These works will be presented as premieres. Headliner performances include Deep Listening Band (Oliveros, Stuart Dempster and guests) and an Overnight Concert. With over 40 performances featured, the festival will include music performance/improvisation, electronics and digital media, ambient, interactive/participatory jams and sound labs, dance/movement works, installations, screen-based works of video and multi-media utilizing the small concert studio spaces as well as the many resonant common spaces of EMPAC’s unique and inspired architecture.”

July 20th 1:00 P.M. A workshop by Thollem McDonas at Gold Lion Arts. Sacramento, CA for more information or to sign up please email amy at


This is a laboratory that explores group collaboration, large ensemble improvisation (structured, conducted and free), egalitarian group dynamics consensus decision-making, and communication skills. Discussions can include the implications of improvisation, collaboration and active listening from everyday life to global political dynamics. It is open to anyone with these genuine interests regardless of age, language skills, perceived artistic abilities.“Thollem McDonas is a gifted improviser with a great deal of experience as a solo performer, as a collaborative artist, and as a facilitator of group improvisation.” – Jonathan McNair, Professor of Music, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Thursday, July 31 Amy Reed and Ross Hammond at The 13th Annual OUTSOUND NEW MUSIC SUMMIT KFJC co-presents The Bay Area’s New Sound Festival – July 27 August 2, 2014

Community Music Center
544 Capp Street @ 20th, San Francisco, CA
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Q&A Sessions 7:30 pm Performance 8:15 pm

Ma Series: May 6th GLArts 9:00 P.M. Leyya Tawil, Phillip Greenlief, Andrea Parkins, Tiberius


DUO:  Tawil, Greenlief

TRIO:  Tawil, Greenlief, Parkins

TAWIL + TIBERIUS  (Dominic Cramp, Mike Guarino)

Leyya is a dance artist, educator, and the Artistic Director of DANCE ELIXIR.  Under her direction since 2003, the company has enjoyed national tours and international engagements in 11 countries throughout Europe and the Middle East.

She has been honored with numerous residencies, including KUNST-STOFF arts RAD program (San Francisco), Detroit Contemporary (Detroit), NooderparkKamer (Amsterdam), Hotel Pupik (Austria), Studio Emad Eddin (Cairo) and Central City Artist Project (New Orleans).   In 2014, she will be a resident artist at P-10 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The mainstay of her work is collaboration with artists from multiple disciplines, particularly new music composers and improvisers.   Since 1996, she has collaborated with scores of artists, including composers Christopher Keyes (1999-2008), Mark Gergis (2009-2010), Lars J Brouwer (2011-2013), and Mike Khoury (ongoing).  She is currently collaborating with the artists of music duo Tiberius (Dominic Cramp and Mike Guarino).  Her research into location-based dance making has birthed projects such as The Grand Re-Map and Destroy//  works that are subject to variations defined by locality.  Her approach to dance making has caught public interest: read recent interviews with NEA Art Talks and the ART21 Blog.

She choreographed/co-directed a music video for The Stripminers, with filmmaker Doug Freel.  Her experimental films have been presented by Dances Made to Order (Los Angeles) and The Flea (NYC), including ”Quieting Heart: Attempt #5“, which received the 510 Arts Best of Oakland award in 2010.

Leyya is the Director and Curator of TAC: Temescal Arts Center, a venue for experimental performance in Oakland, California.  She is active locally in Oakland, and within the transbay experimental venue network.  She co-produced the first SwapFest in 2013, and was co-curator of Summer of Art (2012-13) – an outdoor stage series at UN Plaza in San Francisco.  She will curate the East Bay programming of West Wave Dance Festival 2014.

Other Histories and Academics:
Tawil was born in Detroit, MI to parents of Syrian and Palestinian descent. She received her BDA in Dance from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, School of Music, and her MFA in Choreography from Mills College-Oakland.  Tawil has received numerous grants and awards including the University of Michigan 2008 Emerging Artist Award.  From 2007-2009, Tawil was the Middlebury College (VT) Artist-In-Residence, during which time she choreographed and toured work to NYC, Montreal and Tabor, Czech Republic. She has also held faculty positions at the University of Michigan, University of San Francisco, and Sonoma State University (CA).  She has held workshops in choreography and improvisation worldwide, and has been commissioned by numerous universities throughout the states.

phillip greenlief (b. 1959, los angeles)

Since his emergence on the west coast in the late 1970s, Evander Music founder Phillip Greenlief has achieved international critical acclaim for his recordings and performances with musicians and composers in the post-jazz continuum as well as new music innovators and virtuosic improvisers. His ever-evolving relationship with the saxophone unfolds with an expansive sound vocabulary, a deep regard for melody and form and a rollicking humor and wit that is not dissimilar to the Native American Coyote tales. He is composer in residence with Rough and Tumble and teaches music at San Francisco Waldorf High School and the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts. Mr Greenlief is a recipient of the San Francisco Bay Guardian Goldie Award and served as Artist in Residence @Headlands Center for the Arts in summer 2013.

“The Bay Area’s do-it-yourself ethos has produced a bevy of dazzlingly creative musicians, but few have put the philosophy to work as effectively as Phillip Greenlief.” – Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle

Andrea Parkins is a New York-based composer, sound/installation artist and interactive electronics performer especially known for her uniquely gestural and textural approach to her electronically-processed accordion and inventive use of customized live sound processing. Her work has been heard in New York at the Whitney Museum of American Art The Kitchen, Diapason, Roulette and Experimental Intermedia; and at contemporary music, sound, and intermedia festivals/venues in US. Europe, Latin America and Asia. Since 2002, Parkins has been developing her primary project, a series of interactive sound, object and image works inspired by Rube Goldberg’s circuitous machines. In 2013, she is touring in Europe and North America in support of her Important Records CD, “Faulty (broken orbit).”

Tiberius is primarily a spontaneously creative unit comprised of Dominic Cramp (Evangelista, Borful Tang, Lord Tang, Vulcanus 68) playing organ and electronics and Mike Guarino playing drums, guitar, and electronics . Between them they have performed and recorded in multiple countries with such artists as Nels Cline, Shahzad Ismaily, Mike Watt, Carla Bozulich, Richard Bishop, Bill Gould, John Dietrich, Ches Smith and Damo Suzuki.

Most recently, they have engaged in an ongoing series of performances with choreographer Leyya Mona Tawil of Dance Elixir.

in between

The reception for Amy Reed’s solo show in the R. W. Witt Gallery, “In Between,” will be from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, February 13.

Composition # 6 “Red” Video Still. Amy Reed. 2014

Berkeley Arts August 4th –

Uncle Braxton + Phillip Greenlief Conducts Braxton’s Composition 255
8 pm
Uncle Braxton
Myles Boisen – guitar
John Shiurba – guitar

Boisen and Shiurba have been playing together as Uncle for nearly 20 years, exploring the sonic possibilities of the guitar that most players choose to ignore. For this concert they will incorporate the music of Anthony Braxton in the mix.

9 pm
Phillip Greenlief Conducts Anthony Braxton’s Composition 255

Phillip Greenlief – conductor, alto saxophone
Joel Bremson – doublebass
Keith Cary – cello
Luis Albert Clifford Childers – trombone, euphonium, chromatic harmonica
Dax Compise – percussion
Tara Flandreau – violin
Michael Frost – viola
Joe Lasqo – piano
Christina Maradik-Symkowick – viola
Tim Onorato – electric bass
Tony Passarell – tenor saxophone
Amy Reed – electric guitar
special guest: Suzanne Thorpe, flute, processing, laptop

Phillip Greenlief will conduct Anthony Braxton’s Composition 255 (Ghost Trance Music) with (mostly) Sacramento musicians – after their stunning performance at this year’s 6th Annual In The Flow Festival in Sacramento. The composition will open up into a collage-style arrangement, featuring inserts of compositions by Pauline Oliveros, Phillip Greenlief, and Erik Satie.